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Hey Cy and the hard core adventure riders...

I'm not understanding something, most likely because I'm not an Adventure Rider...but it seems sort of obvoius...

I keep seeing testing of voltage, an comments about starting in cold weather and questions, if Lifepo4 can handle a trip around the world. But what I'm not getting is that you have a technology that due to its extreme small size and high power would allow for a redundant battery system, yet I don't see anyone speaking on that...

If I was going into the deep places of Africa or where ever I would take two 12-Cells or a 12 and an 8 and laugh away that day knowing I have a system an a back-up. I would want security...Though I preach about getting the most power you can having a redundant system would trump that and provide for the massive power and amp hours if I needed itplus give security . Keep in mind the battery that sits doing nothing is not going to lose voltage/energy during the whole adventure... but if some trouble should start just a have a quick parallel connection for starting in the most freezing of weather at 720 Cranking amps and laugh at Jack Frost or just a back up source of power for a GPS...
totally agree... light weight of LiFePO4 batteries makes carrying a backup feasible. in post #117 covered that when weighing SYCL battery. fortunately R80G/S has a kick starter so already got a manual backup. which almost no modern Adventure bike has any more.

testing data has shown Shorai LFX21 AH (pd eq) is up to the task reliably starting a motorcycle down 30f degree. which still doesn't leave enough margin for error for an adventure bike in case one should be using heated gear combined with a short ride. By doubling AH rating with Shorai 36 AH (pb eq) 540 cranking amps. it barely breaks a sweat starting R80G/S.

for the short trip to Elgin Kansas. predicted low temp was 40f + so starting R80G/S was not even a concern with Shorai LFX21 AH. Data on how charging system fared with 14.5v voltage regulator was what I was after. Just so happens due to high wind conditions, average speed for 100+ miles was much lower than normal highway speeds. ended up with ending resting voltage of 13.4v after 100+ miles. fully charged resting is 13.7v after charge dissipates from 14.5v with higher regulator.

got a trip planned soon ... R80G/S down to Florida from Tulsa, OK with Shorai 36 AH (pb eq) and 14.5v voltage regulator for a proper shake out ride. while SYCL 2.3 AH is the ideal battery for race bikes. it'd make an excellent backup battery for Adventure bikes too.

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my methodology is simple ... carefully and accurately track all the metrics that matter. then as problems shows itself. use the data to determine why/if problems are happening. if need be drill in to find a solution.

if I can use LiFePO4 battery in an adventure bike successfully. then it's pretty safe to say li-ion is ready for prime time.

this picture shows the HUGE weight/size difference between a 14lb BMW Gel battery vs a SCYL 2.3AH with 4x A123 cells at 12oz. ..... now I would not consider using a 2.3AH battery in an adventure bike. but saving 13lb+ in a race bike is substantial!!

come to think of it... this little powerhouse SYCL battery would make an excellent backup battery for an adventure bike without a kickstarter.

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