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I know there are a lot of guys who look at this bike and say "it's not a street legal motocross bike, so I'm not interested.

This bike is plainly not a competition focused bike. Doesn't have to be to sell well. Look at your 650 class offerings from the Japanese brands. They all use proven technology. They are all reliable enough to go round the world on, so that is good enough for me.

The suspension can be fixed. The exhaust can be fixed. Any other little nit pick thing that is not just perfect for a specific person can be fixed.

I'm cool with any of the Japanese brands, whether red, yellow, blue, or green. I'm very interested in this bike because I am guessing it will have better torque than the blue bike (and a lower price tag?), it does have FI, unlike the green bike, there is not really a comparison to be made with the yellow bike, and hopefully will have a better price tag than the current offerings from red.

So, if this bike does make it to the states, I just may have to sign up for one.

Just my .02
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