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So next morning we were all fired up.
Plan is to go towards Jedaida, and then follow the railway towards south to Mejez El Bab.

Start in the morning from Hotel France in centre of Tunis.

But we followed the wrong railway from Jedaida and it took us back to Tunis.
So it was already afternoon and we were still circulating around Tunis, figuring how to get out of that big city.
What a hardcore enduro day a?

Later we reach edge of the city.
We went through few hills of dumpyards and we finally got out of that "rush hour" - heavy traffic of the capitol city of Tunisia.

We were happy to reach suburbs finally, and some nicer spots to take a nice relieving piss.

Yeah we are finally on some dirt backroads, so spirits are high again.

Nice place to have a quick snack, to regain some power.

This is what we were looking for.
More dirt roads. We want to get to Douz-south of the country mainly on dirt roads, known here as pistas.

But as soon as we really started to enjoy, and the terrains were getting crazy fun, I had an accident.
We were playing with crossings through wadi (dry river bed) and I hit an obstacle with my right foot and my ankle was heavily twisted around the foot peg and damaged my ankle and muscles.
The pain was so bad that I got very sick imediately and I almost passed out from the amount of pain that lasted forever.

Looked like it was all over for me even before everything really started.
I was there on the ground, couldnt move my leg, I was in a pain, so my friends got bored and started to play with some was great scenario after all. :P

Why am I crying about my leg, the real problem actually is broken side stand on Honda that never breaks.

So they needed to make one more photo with that bike at that time.

Ok, since I lost all the attention in 20 minutes and photoshooting was over, I tryed to put the boot back on my injured leg and tried to ride, but I couldnt stand on my leg at all.
There was still some nice pistas in front of us, so we went further, but decided to find a place to sleep in closest town called Le Kef, so my leg could get some rest.

Pista that lead us back to the roads

But before getting to the Le Kef, we were caught with some afternoon showers and we imediatelly took cover in an abandoned building for half an hour.

Tènèrè Spirit
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