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Add electric start:25 pounds: 285 pounds.
Add 50cc and water cooling, 20 pounds:305 pounds.
Add big thick forks and a big strong rear shock, 10 pounds: 315 pounds.

Remove a quart of oil, the rear sub frame, use expensive metals, skimp everywhere, charge 50% more money and you have a ktm?

Why we need electric start on anything under a 650 is beyond me.
With FI, anything is going to start with one kick every time.

Originally Posted by Onederer View Post
At that weight, I won't even think about buying one.

Honda built a XL200R (factory legal dual sport) in the early eighties that wieghed less than 260lbs. I had one and while it lacked the power, suspension and brakes of new bikes, it was light enough that I really could go just about anywhere on it, even if that meant physicaly lifting it over a log or large rock.

The light weight of that fully factory legal XL200R is what made it attractive. Anything with that small of an engine should never come close to 300lbs. It was kick start only, but it had a 12v charging system and a battery.
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