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Originally Posted by Antigravity View Post
Hey Cy and the hard core adventure riders...

I'm not understanding something, most likely because I'm not an Adventure Rider...but it seems sort of obvoius...

I keep seeing testing of voltage, an comments about starting in cold weather and questions, if Lifepo4 can handle a trip around the world. But what I'm not getting is that you have a technology that due to its extreme small size and high power would allow for a redundant battery system, yet I don't see anyone speaking on that...

If I was going into the deep places of Africa or where ever I would take two 12-Cells or a 12 and an 8 and laugh away that day knowing I have a system an a back-up. I would want security...Though I preach about getting the most power you can having a redundant system would trump that and provide for the massive power and amp hours if I needed itplus give security . Keep in mind the battery that sits doing nothing is not going to lose voltage/energy during the whole adventure... but if some trouble should start just a have a quick parallel connection for starting in the most freezing of weather at 720 Cranking amps and laugh at Jack Frost or just a back up source of power for a GPS...
I quess I come to this from a different perspective than some of the younger ADV riders. I wouldn't take a spare battery on a bike trip. I spend a lot of time, money, energy, blood, sweat(grins, no tears), planning so I don't have to take any "unnessary" stuff. When I started doing this in the early '70's, We rodeTrials bikes(with camping gear) all over the Lake City, Silverton, Ouray, Teluride CO area. Lots of jeep trails, single tracks and game trails. Then went to the XR/XL's with those little batteries that would fit in the palm of your hand and when they went dead we didn't even replace them. Never did figure out what they were for. Now we've got the KLR type bikes with no kicker(I really miss the kicker back up like on your old BMW cy). You can always jump start, push, pull or bump start most of these bikes if you have to. The reason I"m following you guys on this thread is it would be nice to eliminate that nasty sulfuric acid and of course the weight. BTW having to pick up one of those giant "800lb ADVbikes" in the back country is a little more adventure than I can handle. When you get past 60 the first rule is "DON"T FALL !!! Still do it but with a little more focus.
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