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Originally Posted by officerleroy View Post
There's another one out there that has down in the air core that's supposed to be pretty sweet, but i've yet to try it out.
Officerleroy is talking about the Exped Downmat. There's a Downmat 7 (7cm or 2.8in deep) with a 5.9R value for warmth and a Downmat 9 (9cm or 3.6in deep - VERY comfortable and packs down to 5"x11") with an astounding 9.0R value (most Thermarests have R values around the 2.2 to 2.6 type range). Camped out a couple weekends ago on my "9" and a 40degree Marmot bag with a silk liner, woke to 19degree temps and was fine (probably closer to 15/16 degrees at 2:00am...). Wouldn't want to do it for a week or multi-week trip with my "40", but that Downmat is impressive... I did just go out and supplement the mat with a Mountain Hardware UltraLimina 15 sleeping bag (Thermic Micro fill handles moisture MUCH better than down and it compresses to about 7"x13" in the included compression sack) plus a Sea to Summit "Thermolite Reactor" bag liner, so I think I'll be just toasty on my upcoming planned 3 week jaunt out to Colorado and Utah this coming September (ok, "toasty" might be a little bit of a reach...).

Following in DockingPilot's shadow is always a good plan. I'll be following along with you on your "Forever West 2012". Enjoy!
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