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Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
.i have a suspension it had too hot of a plug..
Gotta love autocorrect....

Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
just running repsol standard 2T injector oil..I thought I heard it pinging but my dad was riding it and he is hard of hearing.

Not that it really means anything, but a number of years ago I tried the Repsol pre-mix oil in my TXT270. It started making some not-so-good sounds out of the engine soon after the change. I got nervous and changed back to the Motul Off-Road pre-mix I had been running previously. Not a month afterward, the Repsol rep came into the Honda dealership where I worked at the time to help promote Repsol products in the US (this was around summer of 2006). He was very...enthusiastic about Repsol oil for MX and Roadracing, but when I asked him about using it for Trials use (low mixture ratio), he kinda screwed up his face and stumbled/gestured (remember he was a Repsol rep-from Spain. English was NOT his first language) "No no, no Trials good, no. Good for Roadracing!!" Well, that kinda convinced me right there. Motul Off-Road it's been ever since in my TY's, along with the 314 and 315 Montesas I own. The Repsol oil is now the pre-mix of choice for my Daytona Special Yamaha.

I'm also assuming since you said you were running the injector oil that you still have the injector system installed on your TY. This is merely my humble, but I would remove that and run the TY with pre-mix. I've never been a big fan of the injector pump system (too vague and susceptible to environmental influences for my trust), and have removed it from every OE injector-equipped bike I own, running pre-mix instead. This includes all my TY's, the aforementioned RD400F Daytona, and my TG50 Gyro S Honda scooter. I replaced lots of top-ends on injector-equipped bikes back in my previous career as a motorcycle tech, and substantially less on pre-mix bikes. Just sayin'.
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