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Originally Posted by brewtus View Post
I'm also assuming since you said you were running the injector oil that you still have the injector system installed on your TY. This is merely my humble, but I would remove that and run the TY with pre-mix. I've never been a big fan of the injector pump system (too vague and susceptible to environmental influences for my trust), and have removed it from every OE injector-equipped bike I own, running pre-mix instead. This includes all my TY's, the aforementioned RD400F Daytona, and my TG50 Gyro S Honda scooter. I replaced lots of top-ends on injector-equipped bikes back in my previous career as a motorcycle tech, and substantially less on pre-mix bikes. Just sayin'.
and then all my vintage Yamaha buddies say DO NOT disconnect the oil injection and some of them do put tons of miles on their bikes...tomato - tomato

I run the 2T standard injector oil

and I ran this stuff in a '68 Kawi Bushwacker I totally abused and never had a problem with it.

Just checked a pulg and it is a Champion anything it is a tad cold like a NGK B9ES

oh and you got a GYRO ?? cool a buddy of mine just picked up a Honda Express SR...another odd bike...Honda made some cool stuff in the 80's
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