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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
A123 says you can cycle their cells to 100% depth of discharge repeatedly.
From Ballistics FAQ:
"What happens if I discharge my Ballistic Performance Components Battery?
One of the primary benefits of lithium ferrous phosphate batteries is that they discharge at an incredibly slow rate (10% per year of static use) so it is very hard to discharge the battery in a conventional application with an on board charging system. If for some reason you discharge your Ballistic Performance Components Battery the best thing to do is to recharge it as soon as possible. You should not allow the battery to discharge below 9.0Volts, as this can damage the cells. If the battery is drained below 6.0Volts then the battery is considered to be discharged beyond its capacity and it should be discarded according to local land fill regulations."

From Shorais FAQ:
"Do not allow the resting voltage to fall below 12.86V" which equates with 80% DOD,

From Antigravitys FAQ:
"You can damage the battery if you let it drain to below 10v volts. This is true of ANY battery, lead/acid or lithium. Draining a battery to this level will damage the battery cells. This is not a concern if you remember to turn off your ignition, or turn off any accessories that are not ignition switched. You should also make sure your vehicle does not have an “parasitic drain” or “short circuit”. A “parasitic drain” is something like an accessory that is pulling energy from the battery even though the ignition is “off”… Sometimes a short can also be the cause of a drain on the battery though all accessories are “off”."

Grant it, they are a different chemistry, but I have a lithium laptop and heated vest battery that both have protection circuits that shut the battery down permanently once a certain critically low voltage is reached. As it happens, I temporarily bypassed the low voltage circuit to get enough voltage in the heated vest battery to charge it normally right now.

This picture is where I am charging it, with good reason.


I am not doubting that A123 said that, but am doubting everything manufactures of lithium batteries are saying at the moment because there is so much contradiction!

Does anyone wish to test if you can drain a LiFePo4 powersports battery to a terminal voltage of 3 volts and bring it back AND have it not catch fire during recharging?
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