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Here's my basic kit, still need to add some things, but I don't see a need to way over complicate things. My KLR didn't come with a stock kit.

On the right side, I have the tractor manual tube held on with 2 stainless clamps.

Stashed inside I have:

1) Lineman's pliers: pliers, cutters, and work well as a hammer
2)Small flat screwdriver with magnet on the handle side
3)Needle nose vice grip
4)Combo wrench, fits both front and rear axle
5)1/4" drive ratchet
6)Socket assortment, modified to remove sizes that the bike doesn't have and added a 1/4" to fit driver bits
7)Small needle nose
8)1/4" driver-doubles as extension for ratchet
9)Allen wrench in correct size to fit bars and forks
10)8,10,and 13mm wrenches
11) Big crescent wrench

I'm going to replace the driver and 1/4" ratchet with a 1/4" extension and use the 13mm wrench as a handle as soon as I make a 1/4" to 13mm adapter.

In the lid I have sand paper in 160 and 400 grit rolled around the edges and a cut off sock stuffed in with a selection of hose clamps and cotter pins.

Still need to locate a stamped spark plug socket

I relocated the stock bag from the rear fender to the front fender and in it I carry:

1)Spark plug caddy-one side is a plug, the other holds misc electrical crimp connectors
2)Motion Pro tire levers, not the fancy Ti ones, mainly because I ride a KLR....
3)Spare 21" tube w/core tool
4) Gutted cheapo tire pump. Paid 50 cents for it at a garage sale, works great. I have a 12V cig outlet on the bike, so with 2 alligator clips, the cord becomes a charger to revive other bike's batteries.

I still want to add a small patch kit up here.

I didn't pull it all out, but in the ammo can I have:

1) Cheap rain gear-neoprene face cover
2) Spare lenses for my goggles
3)Harbor freight ratchet strap -tow strap or to hang the bike(or myself depending on the severity of the failure) from a tree
4)14 Ga wire double the length of the bike
5) Mechanics wire
6) zip ties in various sizes
7) Two short jumper wires
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