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Originally Posted by RevBill View Post
.. back when I was a thinner man and into mountain biking I liked the BOBs Trailer far far better than anything else that came along .. mainly for the reason that the BOBs mounted off the rear axle .. much lower center of gravity for packing some pretty incredible loads through some nasty terrain .. forest service used to use them to haul their gear too .. the one main think you had to watch out for (besides hanging it one big rock) was going down hill and having it puch your tire around on you (not unlike hauling a big boat) .. but even with large loads it didn't ever make you feel top heavy ..

.. I still have my original BOBs trailer .. tough as nails ..

.. funny enough .. I tried like heck to get them to make a motorcycle trailer for years with no luck .. I finally gave up on them ..

.. I like the look of that trailer behind the TW200 .. with it slung like that it should be very stable ..
I always wanted one of those trailers...

I can see why they'd stay out of the motorized market with the lawsuits that could, and would, happen to riders whose rear axles got pushed, or guys who took the trailers off-road at something stupid like 60 MPH, then had a catastrophic trailer frame failure later on the street. The companies who make wider and heavy cruiser-trailers are pretty assured that their trailers rarely see off-road trails, lol.

But, like you, I see the benefits - thus if I thought I wanted one for a motorcycle I would have gone to a welding and fabrication shop with my own BOB-like plans and had them build me one. Choose the right shop and it probably won't cost you a ton, either.
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