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I'm the guy with the failed Motion Pro tool.

That tool is wonderful and compact, I never had any issues with the sockets, hex's or screwdrivers using the tool. It was simply the driver for the sockets is multiple pieces and the pieces began to spin instead of funtioning as one single piece. This sucked (and is horrific when you encounter the failing the piece in the field as I did instead of the garage) but I was able to fix it by welding, as detailed in the thread. My unit is now fixed and I worked with it in the garage for another couple weeks to test it out and then began taking it on rides again as its so wonderfully compact and it fits in a convenient pocket in the Camelbak for easy access. I posted in the thread so that people who own the piece can address any issues before taking it into the field.

One failed unit is indeed not enough to condemn the tool as Flagger pointed out, however according to tech at Motion Pro it has been reported to them more than a few times (as feared by Mercury264), and is not unheard of, so in my eyes you are a gambling man if you rely on this tool without addressing the potential issue I described earlier in the thread.

Here's the tool after I modified (welded solid) the driver, working on my drowned 525 on a river bank in Lao, pictured on the righthand rock

and another time in my left hand after removing the right side engine case.

If I owned a MP multi tool I WOULD NOT rely on it without welding the driver pieces together. Once welded, you can then once again enjoy the convenience the tool has to offer.

Edit: Just to clarify I don't think the tool is crap, it's just not trustworthy in my eyes until the potential weakness in the system (driver) is addressed.
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