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Travels With Barley
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RidingDonkeys -- Looks like an elegant solution.

I'm really torn on this one, and I think in the end all of us are making educated guesses on what is best for our dogs. I remember a relatively minor accident several years ago in which the back hatch of a lady's SUV was sprung on impact and her four goldens bailed out in panic...right into Interstate traffic. All four were hit and killed.

That's my personal nightmare scenario, and personally I think if Barley survived an impact I'd rather he stayed with the wreck until I or a good samaritan could reach him.

He's also a hunting dog. Every time a rabbit or squirrel crosses the road in front of us he lunges, then turns to me with that imploring look, "Shoot it, Dad! SHOOT IT!"

I think he's safer the way I have him.
I got a sidecar to travel with my dog. He never complains, is delighted to be with me, approves of my dietary choices, is a social butterfly who helps me meet folks, appreciates a good beer, snuggles better than my wife, and hangs on my every word as if it's the most profound thing he's ever heard.
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