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So that night we stayed in Le Kef in a nice hotel up the hill in the town.
One night sleep with braakfast was was priced with 8 EUR.
That day Roberto also injured his leg while trying to start his Honda XR. Kickstart backfired with all compresion in his foot and that was enough big hit for him, so now there was two of us that couldnt walk at all. So we needed to take taxi to get to the restaurant where boys went to dinner in the city centre.

Next day Robertos leg was almost ok, but my leg was no better, and I couldnt put any weight on my right leg, so no walking for me. So that morning we went to pharmacie and bought strong compression bandages, some cooling gel to put on my foot and some strong painkillers.

After that, the only issue was to squeeze my leg in to the riding boot, and than I would be fine for riding, even do I couldnt walk.

Now we are leaving this town, heading south, try to find some more pistas.

Soon we found some wadis to play around

There was also water in some off the river beds. That means extra playtime for us :)

Next wadi was several kilometers long, and very deep, so we had a hard time to cross it. We spread & separated here and deal with it as we know. In the end some took time and went around it.

So we found each other later and gathered from different roads back together.

We met in a small village, there were some abandoned houses.
We felt sorry, because we made some damage driving on the wheat fields, trying to cross the wadi, but the farmer from that small willage didnt see that as a problem and he even gave us a lot of tasty fresh bread as a present.
What a gesture! We were really thankfull for that.

We continued further to the south, and the land was getting dryer and less and less green, further south you go less rain it is, that means more desert looks.

By the evening we came to the town Kasserine, we could sleep in a really nice hotel, with bikes safely parked at the police station 200 metres away, for 10 EUR, but no.... we exepted the lottery and decided to take another hotel (there are only two in Kasserine) where bikes supposed to be parked in the hotel and it was even cheaper (8 EUR with breakfast).
Later we found out that Kasserine is know as most savage/renegade style city of all Tunisia, and this hotel with surroundings was epicentre of it. Hotel rooms were not ugly but really very stinky shitholes and the place where our bikes were parked, was ilegall store for selling alcohol (beer). Lots of it! (remember this is muslim country, where alcohol is forbidden). So the place where our bikes were parked was nothing inside idea of a safe garage, because that place was a party place, where people drank alcohol and chill around hot coals, to get some warmth during cold night.

So we stick with them, party and drink beer, while they (like by the way) sell alcohol in black platic bags over the barred window on to the street.

One guy wanted us to switch the clothes, so why not...

It was getting late, so we went in our headquarters (hotel corridor) to make some plans for tomorrow.

We have put some coordinates in GPS for next day, so orientating should be easy and progress good.

We were really excited, because tomorrow we should come south enough to find some serious desert terrain.
We are closer and closer to the real stuff!
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