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Originally Posted by Klay View Post
Interesting action.
Glad you find it entertaining Klay!

Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
Too cool, very unexpected to see some of my old buddies in your pictures :) You managed to run into at least two of the best dual sporters from Austin you could ever meet.

Pretty cool to see your friends Justin!

Originally Posted by zandesiro View Post
Nice to hear from Greece as well! Glad you are enjoying the ride and the history.

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Fascinating 3 days in BBRSP. I'll remember how you unstuck yourself in that creek. Good lesson there for all of us. Unload; sit down and think it over; take your time to plan. I bought a 250 for that exact reason. 300# is a lot easier to deal with.

The park looks pretty big and those loops seem long. What did you do about fuel? I though the brochure said there was no fuel in the park.

Thanks again. One of your best rides.
I sure had a nice time on this trip. Lots to explore and lots more to come including more from BBRSP. I took extra fuel to the park in a fuel container since there is nothing available there. What is nice is that you can loop back to the headquarters (from some areas at least) to top off when you need to. Thanks for the nice remarks. I really enjoyed my time in Texas.

Originally Posted by Texas T View Post
I was pointed to this thread by a fellow Two Wheeled Texans member and I read the entire RR last night and this morning. One of the best RR I've read in quite a long time and very informative as well. Thank you for the effort.
Thanks for the nice remarks about the report. Pretty easy to come up with some interesting stuff when there is so much in the area to draw from. I met a few of the TWTs and they all seemed like pretty nice folks.

Originally Posted by Mudclod View Post
Great report man, I have so many friends that have ridden there (like the one's pictured above) but I can't get more than a weekend off at a time here of these days!
Thanks! I'll post a little more about BBRSP. What a great destination for a group ride. I guess there is a big ride planned for there for next January. Not sure if that is the TWT folks or not. I would really enjoy coming back there and riding it on my DRZ as it would be even more fun than what I did this time.

Originally Posted by M38A1 View Post
A tip of the hat to you on the excellent ride report!

The crowd you ran in to was from Two Wheeled Texans and they were having their annual Uncles Around the Bend BB ride. I chuckled when I saw a couple pictures of JT and greeneggsandham.

Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Thanks. Texas riding in this area is great. I knew about the TWT event based out of Terlingua. I left a CannonCard over at the Starlight. I never got over there during the event though as I had pretty full days in the national park and didn't get back each day until dark. I did see a bunch of the riders in the national park though and got to chat with a few in Study Butte and on the trail.

Originally Posted by CBAT View Post
Another Texan here; really enjoying the report.
Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying the report. I hope I am doing Texas proud!

Originally Posted by The Toad View Post
Cannonshot - enjoying the RR as always.

Maybe its been asked already... What kind of camera are you using?

Thanks Brian. As usual I am carrying a Nikon D60 with an 18-200 lens. With that lens I never have to change lenses (open the camera in the dust). I carry the camera in a Kata torso case. I also carry a waterproof point and shoot in a magnetic flap holster on my belt. I can draw, arm, and fire the point and shoot on the fly with one hand. I have a Gearkeeper retractable lanyard on it so I can drop it if I need to grab the bars. The point and shoot proves handy for those unexpected wildlife encounters where I wouldn't otherwise have time to get a camera out.


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