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Godzilla and Some New Riding Partners

The pavement goes away in Candelaria and the road turns into more of a trail for a while.

Just as I was fixin' to ride on, a well armed posse pulled out in front of me.

I just kind of rode into their group and tagged along for a while.

When we got to this river crossing, they stopped. This the site site of a detour. The original road that your City Navigator might route you on disappears into the Rio Grande near here.

I introduced myself to these friendly folks and we chatted for a bit. I was kind of embarrassed because I was the only guy there that didn't have a handgun, a knife, AND an assault rifle.

Now most people might feel a little nervous about encountering a well armed posse out in the bush. Actually, I felt more secure with these guys than I otherwise had. In Wisconsin, perhaps this whole situation might have been considered a little curious. Here in Texas, not so much.

I wouldn't have wanted to be a coyote or a rattlesnake and run into these guys.

I wasn't sure how this would turn out. Sort of a "mexican standoff".

The green line is the old road that disappeared and the red is the current track that by-passes that section. I ran into a couple of border patrol agents on ATVs earlier and I asked about the trail ahead. One of them told me about a steep hill ahead. He said an agent had been hurt there on a dirt bike in the past and that he had ridden it on his ATV and found that it was a challenge.

I asked the posse folks if they were headed that way and when they said they were, I asked to tag along through the tough stuff. They were all anxious to see me negotiate "Godzilla" on my bike.

So off we went.

Nice by-pass.

We stopped on a hilltop above Godzilla. Looking toward Mexico.


Town in Mexico across from Candelaria. The brushy river bottom used to get farmed a lot.

Some of my new riding pals. Very nice group of fellows. Helpful and generous. Proud to have met them. Nice folks. One of these guys told me they were out doing their thing some years back when a border patrol helicopter landed nearby and a crewman agent came over and checked each one of them pretty closely.

I walked over to take a peek at this descent at Godzilla since I was curious to look before I committed (after hearing all the hype).

It starts off easy enough. Be sure to keep your speed down or you will soon be in trouble though.

Lots of loose rock to slip around on. Steepness never really shows too well in these shots though.

I went down it fine, but I had to creep it down because of the loose rock and erosion. The KLR is too top-heavy to mess around. Like that ridge on the Great Divide (Fleecer), it is no big deal, but you have to respect it. Like that ridge on the Great Divide one wheel or the other would lock up and slide. Sometimes the back end would want to come around and take the bike sideways in the loose stuff.

I think climbing it would be easier than going down, but if you lost traction on the loose stuff you might have a little trouble.

The erosion could get you too if it caught a wheel in a rut. Overall, it wasn't that big of a deal, but it surely is worthy of respect. Not just anyone on any bike should mess around with this thing I guess. Once you get clear of the worst hazards you can let the bike go and slingshot out onto the Army Corps of Engineers built water crossing below.

My posse friends creeped 'er down as well.

Of course, like in any group those that made it took up observer positions to "wish the others well" in their own attempts.

If any of these guys see this, I want to say "thank you" again for letting me hang with you through this. It was great meeting you all!

"Adidas . . . er, I mean adios!"

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