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Originally Posted by Boondox View Post
Hah! Barley is exactly the opposite. When he's startled or frightened he runs to us...and hides behind us! Part of that is the way I trained him. Because we travel thousands of miles from home I wanted him to run to me, rather than away, if the crap ever hit the fan. I've been so successful at that that I can't leave him alone (like paying for gas inside, or ducking into a grocery store to pick up some munchies) without him trying to follow.

This came to a head last summer when I really needed to pee in Malone NY, and the gas station's restrooms were INSIDE the convenience store. Because they served food, dogs were not allowed inside. I didn't dare leave him unattended on a busy street, so ended up stuffing my 75# golden retriever into a backpack and wearing him into the store as I snuck past the clerk!

Must work on the behavioral modification thing this year...

Oh Sh*t the emoticoms don't cover this kind of entertainment. I'm having so much fun reading this thread

I keep trying to post a usefull contribution. Then I come accross another belly bussing moment.

The land you visit may be a beautiful place with extraordinary views and heavenly skyes, but it's the people of the land that make it truly worthwhile returning time and time again.

Ay! and the roads need to be bloody good too
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