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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
We do take the seat out for him. I just took him for a bit of a ride and he scared the bejesus out of me. He stood up twice. That is not cool in my book. A slippery tub bottom and a tall dog standing spell disaster. More training is a must before we take longer rides.

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Sounds like you need a carpet of some sort of non slip matt. One of those padded dog mats maybe?

My primary concern with our Whippet is that she is comfortable in the hack. So a nice padded floor for her to lay on is a must. Then I think of security. She is my other halfs dog, but my other half wants to ride her own bike. This means there is a risk that the dog will try to join her when we stop. Not good.

I rigged up a leash that prevents her from leaving the hack but gives her enough to allow her to sit up when she wants to and to get down under cover out of the wind.

I don't think having a brake-away link is a particularly good idea. I'm deffinately of the oppinion that the dog is better off staying with the hack. If she gets thrown out and ends up badly injured, I want to be able to get to her asap. Not have to go hunting around in the bushes trying to find where she's been thrown by the impact. Or worse still, to wake up in hospital only to be told they didn't know to look for our dog.

Of course this is worse case senario. But the dog stays with me, whatever happens. Just like a child!

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Ay! and the roads need to be bloody good too
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