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Originally Posted by SaltyDuddde View Post
Hi outbacktaz,

Looks like you're from 417, I'm just across the rwy at 419.
I'm interested in Adv riding but only have a Harley currently.
What kind of terrain and how far do you usually go in the trails for?
Can a smaller cc bike hack it? May want to get a cheap bike for that purpose.

Hey Salty! Indeed, I'm all Joker and Wild!!

I have the White KTM Adventure 990 you'll soon see kickin' around the base. There are a lot of trails around here, on and off the base. And if you don't ride stupid, the MPs will let you ride around the base quite a lot, in order to get to the trails of course.

Any kind of off-road bike will do around here. It just depends on how far the trail head is from where you start. Anything from a 125 up should do. From a motocross to a dual-sport will do as well. If I'd go light, I'd go for something like a DT200 or something similar. There's 1 motocross track here on base, and you can get to the one in town by riding off-road too. And like I said, there are a lot of dual-sport tracks all over the area. Just be aware that most tracks are sand, so it can be tricky at times with a heavy bike like mine.

Shoot me a PM, we'll get together and discuss about it.

Marty aka Outbacktaz!!
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