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Working on an Indian and buying parts is expensive. And the most expensive accessory for me was the Speedometer. In 1937 a speedometer was an option. In 1938 and later Indians the tank is hollowed out so the speedometer sits down in the center console. But in 1937 the speedometer Sits above the tank. It was actually one of the aspects on the 37 that applied to me. the speedometer cable on the 1937 looks like a real after thought. It by no means blends into anything. And I have to admit I like that. Two Corbin Speedometers were available in 1937. 100mph and 120 mph. I didn't really care which one I put on the bike. I searched Ebay and the swap meets for two years. At one point I was at the Dixon swap meet and had a 100mph speedometer in my hands. I hesitated, set it down, and walked away. When I went back it was gone. I really kicked myself for that one. It was a good price and was in my hands. So I've learned to do my homework,know the going price and when you see what you want jump on it.

Corbin Speedometers are common. There are a few on ebay all of the time. But they go for $700-$1500. Plus to have them serviced starts at $200. Indian Speedometers have Indian on the face plate and you can find other Corbin speedometers that have the same shell but have a Corbin face plate. I suspect They are all the same.

Here's a picture of a 100 MPH Corbin speedometer. The slit across the Indian logo is where the light shines on the face plate plate. This picture is from the Indian Bobber website and is from a 1937 Indian Chief call "Ponderosa".

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