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Hi Tony,

Jeremy can tell you first hand, but there is nothing worse than the sinking feeling when you start to loose it in a turn and you know you are going to crash one way or another. I was in the same exact dilema a couple of times (on a different trip) on loose rocky roads and one time decided to keep the bike up as long as possible instead of laying down on a low side and the second time delibrately laying it down before going off a cliff. The first I went off the road down a 6 foot drop into a field of bushes with big bolders all around and was very lucky to miss hitting any of them. The second time I jammed the front brakes hard and flipped over the handle bars and whacked my left coller bone, But both I and bike lived to tell the tale. You have one split second to make the decision and hope it is the right one.


Mike Z
Jeez, that's freaky. I hate county roads; love Forest Service and BLM roads. In fact, for folks considering riding Forever West, I've rerouted that segment from Wyoming into Idaho Falls to bypass that stretch and go onto more native-surface national forest roads instead.

I suppose I learned early, in my SUV backroading days, that graveled county roads are among the most dangerous. It's because they lull one into a false sense of security, and we ramp up the speed, not knowing there's a curve ahead and rolling gravel beneath the tires.

One time many years ago, in central Idaho, my wife and I came upon a brand-new 4Runner lying on its roof at a bend in such a road, far from anywhere. A rancher had already come upon the wreck and was racing off with the passengers toward the nearest town, many miles away.

Anyway, as they say, a landing you can walk away from is a good landing ...
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