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More shots from the graveyard at Smyrna Baptist Church:

Back out on Bluff Road, I headed south to SC Hwy 3, and a short way later the pink line appeared on my Nuvi 750 indicating where I wanted to access Augusta Stagecoach Road. I learned the hard way a long time ago that Nuvis suck at routing off-road. I used to get around that by just creating numbered waypoints (001-ABC, 002-XYZ, etc.) and hopping between them without routing. That was tedious, however, and I sometimes would go over the maximum number of waypoints. Then I stumbled upon a program called GPX2IMG, which lets me draw Tracks in MapSource, set them to the thickness and color of my choosing, and create an image file which overlays the Garmin maps. Perfect! My cheap old car GPS which doesn't even do Tracks and which I can't kill no matter how many times I crash with it is now a fairly functional off-road GPS. If I go off on a goat trail and beat around for a while, I just make my way back to my thick pink line and carry on.

So where was I? Ahh, the entrance to Augusta Stagecoach Road.

It's time for some fun!
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