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Eek Ordered (my 2nd) Spot...

Thanks for the heads-up. Just placed my order (for Spot II, #2).

Bought a Spot II last April at Best Buy, rode 5 days solo over Memorial Day Weekend from NJ down through Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway through VA to the NC border, camping and backcountry camping along the way with my trusty new Spot on my arm using the included arm band --- want the Spot unit to be with ME, NOT on my bike (30 yards down the road, over an embankment, under a car, or where-ever...).

It was literally 106 degrees out and my brain was a bit frazzled when I took the Spot/arm band off and laid it on top of my strapped on camping gear. I took a short hike along a river to a cooling waterfall, dipped my head and arms in, and returned to my bike. Two miles up the road I realized, "SHIIITTTTT!!! No arm band! NO Spot!!!". Was back to the rest-stop in 5 minutes tops, round trip, only to find, yup you guessed it, my pretty much brand new Spot run-over on the side of the road... "Dohhh!!!"

Best Buy's insurance/Geek Squad coverage covers normal wear and tear, including a "drop" or a "liquid spill", but they will NOT replace one that's run over...

Just a heads-up --- Be smarter than me!
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