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Originally Posted by COorbust View Post

If your going to be a bit adventurous (like Lewis & Clark, for instance) and you venture off the grid a bit (like out of cell phone coverage), your "smart phone" and it's Free App aren't going to be too helpful. Also with Spot, if you buy the optional insurance (VERY cheap IMHO, for the peace-of-mind), they will cover the cost of all Search and Rescue operations, up to $100,000 (You do NOT want to pay for a helicopter rescue...).

Bottom-line: It's a very valuable tool, particularly if you ride solo and/or up into mountains, deep into State Parks, and generally off the beaten path --- Just wanted to throw those thoughts out there so some people don't become too complacent with a "smart phone" that may or may not be working when they need it most.

Good safe Riding, and may you never need Spot and/or your App...
I was gonna say, I'm not aware of any smart phone that will send a signal TO a satelite.
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