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Originally Posted by Chip Seal View Post
Great videos. I would imagine the trails and "roads" are impassable during and after a heavy rain.
You indicated that your project involves road construction. Are you on a foreign aid grant to improve roads? I was curious why you are in Haiti.
People I encounter usually go there for missionary or disaster work.

The towns look incrediby impoverished. Delete the covered vehicles and tin roofs and you could be in the 19th century. Familiar with the country's history. I have never been there. Not many ride reports focus on Haiti. Therefore your pictures are an insight. We in the USA only see and hear about tragedy there.

Thanks for posting.
For the road quality in the rainy season, I'll tell in a few weeks, it's going to start to rain here soon.

As for my purpose here in Haiti, I oversee/supervise road works. it's a government grant from ACDI and BID. The works started before the quake, so we have nothing to do with disaster work.
It's funny because 95% of Americans I encounter here are missionary! I don't mingle with them too much, they never stay too long anyways!

As for the situation here, I try really hard to show another side of Haiti, it would be too easy to take pictures of all the stuff that is wrong with Haiti, but i'll leave that to FOX news and co.
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