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Originally Posted by CodeMonkee View Post
Yeah, I understand it is a trials bike with a larger seat and tank. I have my Hussy for sitting down, just wondering about it for trail riding, practicing and for a second bike to putz around on.

I have to hope my memory is good enough, but the older alps where 2 strokes ones, more close to a trials bike (bigger seat and tank).

The geometry of the frame is more close to that of a trials bike. Trials bikes are lightweight bikes, that have twitchy quick steering to enable what and how we ride at a snails pace. This could affect how you ride an alp, compared to MX based bikes at trail riding speeds.

I would have to say, myself being a life long trials rider, I would rather have the alp, than for me to go buy some other MX/enduro bike built & sold in USA (Ossa and Freeride not included since they are not A: "something I could buy cheap/used" are they even building them yet...) to go trail exploring, say in New Mexico/Colorado/Wyoming. Assuming that my goal was to see how far I could go down single tracks, not "how fast," if you see my point.

I want badly to goto Utah, and try the 5MOH, beta alp is what I might want to take yet looking at the pictures I have seen, Ill have my trials bike instead, some fun looking terrain. I dont care, Ill stay closer to camp, lol.

Anyway, back on track here...
How "trials" capable is it? I want you to be sure to read this very carefully: In the hands of a talanted (Expert/Master) rider I have seen a similiar themed/designed bike (96 pampera by Gasgas) clean a section that I consistantly took a point in, me being a decent "intermediate" class rider.

But, I caution you as a "newbie" to the sport of trials (if that would be the case) that the bike is NOT suited well for trials, IMHO. Sure better than a any MX/enduro bike, just think if you will actually want to become trials riding fool like some of us on here, get a real trials bike, goto meets (even if you just watch a few times).

It could make a really fun/light Girlfriend Bike, a step up, if you will from the trail 70 or trail 90 that I have for this purpous.

When I say well suited, this is coming from the standpoint that the taller seat, and exposed tank, plus weight and most of that kind of thing, will slow a newbie's learning curve significantly, and that is my observation and opinion. If you sit and ride while say your best friend of exactly same "prowess" was on a real trials bike I know he would get more "trialsy" much faster. A lot about trials is about breaking/relearning a lot of what you already "know" about bike control. Sitting down will slow the process, IMHO, so the seat is kinda like a crutch...

I know others will say I am wrong, and well it is your choice to take whichever opinion you choose.

I've wanted a Alp or Pampera for 12 years now, especially after watching that guy clean the section on his wife's pampera, that I had one heleuva time cleaning on my 06 gasgas pro trials bike. I figure I would have a lot of "dual purpose" type of fun, if had one.

your mileage may vary.
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