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Thanks for the info.

I have no illusions that this would be something that I would use to compete in Trials except maybe on a beginner basis - and even then a newer dedicated bike would surely be better.

I doubt I would ride it in a Trials competition except maybe just an informal one. For one thing, I am an uncoordinated klutz - part of having borderline Asperger's - and while I can practice to get better, I will never ride well.

No, this is just purely for fun. Something of a light trail bike to practice on. Something that is easier to pick up when I invariably drop it. I am a very slow rider - and I am less about roaring around than I am about trying new trails and challenges.

The Hussy is tall, and heavier than a pure enduro bike. I like it, it would still be good for certain types of off-road riding, an SM and as a snowbike where as much power is needed as possible - but I would also like a lightweight trail bike.

I've wanted a "crossover" bike for sometime now. The Ossa Explorer might be nice, but it is considerably more expensive being a new bike and I don't think it is sold in the USA yet - maybe Canada - and it will probably never be plate-able here because it is a two stroke.

The Alp might be nice for a beginner in some ways, but like several people have warned in the past, a Trials or Trials like bike can be a handful too - it is made to be very responsive. I suppose a person could detune it or have a beginner start out in second or up the gearing a bit or a combo of that - not sure. I know Trials bikes are very easy to loft the front with.

I thought about getting a Christini 300 2WD, but I think I will wait on that.
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