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Before you continue to read:
Open this link in another sleeve to make a background music, during reading further this report.

If you dont do that, this thread will be deleted on your IP.

Just kidding, only trying to make your mind closer to the feelings we were in in Tunisia.
Belgacem Bouguenna is great Tunisian musician we were listening there in Tunisia and brings good memories on our adventure.

Seriously! What a dream today!

I woke up 3 times this night and saw a mirage through the room window.... dunes, dunes, dunes everywhere!
What a pleasant dream. I was so sure there are sand dunes outside in the midle of my town Ljubljana, that I even woke up my girlfriend to let her see those dunes!

In the morning I realised it was only a dream, and only thing I really can see through the home window is concrete.

So let me continue with the adventure in Tunisia.

It was morning in this outlaw town Kasserine, and we wanted to get out of it as soon as possible. I sure wont miss that stinky room I slept in last night at all. We really wanted to do some good pistas that day and head south - closer to the dunes.

Leaving Kasserine in the morning. Every third car in this town is Taxi

There are a lot french Peugeot cars, this black one is quite old model and exceptionaly in good shape

Biker in Kasserine

Before this trip I have uploaded topographical map of Tunisia on my GPS. And that was a fine thing.
Our progress that day was good, we found great pistas thanks to Garmin.
I have set it the way he thinks we are on a bicycles, so GPS show me more minor and back dirt roads than ussual setting for cars or motorcycles.

We soon went over a mountain pass...and continued further into the desert

After a few hour of riding a stop is needed to take a rest and a snack. It was quite cold day and wind was blowing, so any shelter is a great thing to find in a desert.

First town after aprox 100 kilometres... Kids found us interesting, and nice wheelie makes them a day :)

Nice building to make a photo with the bike. In Tunisia it is very often you find windows and doors painted in blue. It is believed in this country that blue color around building openings discourages evil ghosts to enter in the building.

We decided (Garmin topo map) to take shortcut over this mountain, and higher we went the more this pista was turning into a goat track. It was hard, but we loved it :)

Betwen two mountains we again had some shelter from wind, so nice place to replenish ourselves with some Johnny Walker and homemade smoked salami we brought from Slovenia

You have to use nature to help yourselve with one basic element against another. Very convenient.

We made it to get on another side of the mountain. We are back in the walley again.

I ran out of fuel in the midle of nowhere. I had a small plastic pipe, so we were able to lend each other fuel. We were also in a middle of trashyard, so finding plastic bottle was no problem. You can see the plastic pipe and bottle on a box, taking fuel out from one Tenere for another. With preparation, there is solution for everything.

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