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Originally Posted by empirecycleman View Post
Does anyone know if the Betal Alp or other trials type bike will work/fit/ergonomically in the ball park for a taller rider. My only trials bike experience was briefly trying out and old mid 80's Yamaha 350 trials bike that seemed like it might have fit a bit better if I had my legs and arms shortened. I'm 6'2 and most mx type bikes don't seem to fit that well either but I've learned to compensate and just ride em anyway.
This is the "rub" on this, some people fit on these bikes, even big tall guys, even on old TY250's your "tried"...

From making a big assumption, and knowing people who were over 6ft tall that rode ty's for many years... I believe that The whole "probem" is or can be, the "alien" like feeling that IS how a trials bike is "ridden".

For one thing, the seat on older trials bikes, were not there to ride the bike with. Sure, you could sit down and ride, we do, to go from section to section, but mostly we JUST DO NOT sit to do ANYTHING else the bike was built to do!

We ride standing, modern bikes got rid of the seat all together, this is to make the bike more usable in trials competition. with seat gone, and actually frames removed that held any seat at all, makes the bike lighter and more ergonomic for TRIALS... You see that the "seat area" especially on more modern bikes than that yamaha, is shorter than MOST peoples knees, when that leg in on the footpeg peg. this gives you unbelievable reach with the other foot, when you need it...

Now let me expand on the symantics for a second... It is not foot rest, as people who own other types of motorcycles and newbies might refer to them as... it is like calling a gun a crutch, IMHO totally misleads people as the intended purpose, OK? Footrests, Those are only found on street bikes, where you firmly plant your arse, and ride...

On some bikes you rest your foot there, on trials bikes your feet are on there all the time (between dabs) But on trials bikes, you sometimes might rest your butt on a seat or seat area, but it is not ergonomic by any means.

SO, The Alp, has a seat, I imagine it is more ergonomic used for sitting, only for short guys. But that is the point, it is a "standup-able" bike, based on a standup "trials" bike, with a seat. I dont have one, saw a few, sat on one (pampera). I would have to say it is shorter person sit down ergonimcally, lots of times refered to as the "girlfriend/wife bike. Based on the fact that the bike standing next to a MX bike, other than an 80cc or less, will be overall, shorter. Can you, a big tall fella get along with that, I think so, just arent going to feel like you would on a big MX machine. Hope maybe that is hard to explain, but you might be able to figure out what I mean.

but then again this older alp at least, is a bike based on a trials bike, and my trials bike can be adjusted to carry a bigger person with spring collar adjustment (more preload) rear, and spacers in front I assume... but it just is one of those things... IT is a compromise at best, at any job they would be used for, if you know what I am trying to say...

That rider I posted about in my 1st post in here, I am positive he's taller than 5-10, he was taller than me Im about 5-7. again, though we're used to not being perefctly "Harley/Streetbike comfortable" type of comfortable, riding these, it is more of a semi comfortable sit down comfortable compared to a seatless trials bike.
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