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Brake light finished, blinkers started

Had a random day off today, so of course I attacked the brake light. Here's finished pictures.

Used the weight of the heatsink to hold all the LED's against it while the thermal epoxy set up - 5 minutes.

Flipped it over, here's the topside.

Mounted on the bike.

Comparison in full afternoon sunlight with the camera at about 3 feet.
Camera is in manual mode with locked ISO, f-stop, shutter, and white balance.
Top row is factory bulb, bottom row LED. Taillight on left, Brake on right.

Comparison at dusk from about 30 feet away. Same orientation as above.
I left the license plate unblurred (I know, a travesty), because I find it amazing how constant the light on the plate is with the new setup regardless whether braking or not.

A little darker out, off-axis at about 10 feet, just the LED this time because I was tired of changing the bulb.

So that's the brake light. I can honestly say that it looks every bit as bright as the stock bulb across all the necessary viewing angles to provide safety, and even illuminates the plate better than the stock bulb using the values in the updated current supply on the left in post #7. From car driver viewing height, the LED's are just on the edge of painful to look at. Perfect, if you ask me.

Total power draw? 50mA as taillight, 580mA as brake which equates to ~0.75/8W as compared to 8/27W for the factory brake bulb.

Here's a quick shot of where I'm going with the blinkers, using amber instead of red LED's, of course.

I'd originally hoped to use just one constant current supply as shown on the right in post #7 above, but after analyzing the wiring schematic of the bike, decided that I wasn't content with the amount of control that would give over the actual current through the LED's with the amount of other stuff sharing that green wire, and have ordered parts to make 3 more, so these will truly be a plug and play replacement for the factory bulb. Once those arrive, I should be able to get the electronic relay popped on, and have these done in another day or so.

The headlight? That's a back burner pipe-dream at this point.
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