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Originally Posted by ta2240 View Post
Just wondering how the 530 feels in the woods compared to a 450? I have a 2011 530 for dual sporting and I sold my 300 XCW which was my woods bike. I am looking for another woods bike and may buy another 300 or go with the 350 or 450 XCF-W. I was thinking of riding the 530 for a couple of races to see if I like the power if a 4-stroke in the woods. Just looking for opinions from guys who have ridden the 530 in the woods and single track.
i've ridden a 530 in the single track with guys on all the smaller bikes. It works well for me. I'd like to believe I would be a lot quicker on a 300 but not willing to shell out right now to prove it. I rode two strokes as kid 127/175cc and learned to ride the clutch...I still ride the same way on the 530, a gear or two high with plenty of clutch.

David Night seems to make the big bore go pretty quick in the woods even if it is a bit more open than what I prefer to ride.
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