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Hi TMAX guys, a old fart here - 80. Right now I ride a R1200GS, last year I rode +/- 30K miles, longest trip Maryland/Utah round trip. It's getting time to go lighter-simpler. Old dogs don't lift a leg very well, so a step-through may be nice. I may have a chance to get a '09 Tmax with 20K miles from a known careful owner. The Tmax would replace the GS as my only bike.
Opinions please: How will it hold up doing 20K+ a year for a few years, getting to over 100K miles before I'm done. Long trip reliability and maintenance need?
Reliability/problems: I've read a lot here and in MajestyUSA, the only thing I've found is Tmax fever fuel pumps. Anything else?
Yamaha dealers when traveling: I know there is one in every village, but I'm afraid many have never seen a Tmax, much less have any parts for it. Opinions?
Opinions on doing a 3 week/8K mile cross-country trip? Any tires I can TRUST to hold up for 8K?
Thank you for your objective opinions.
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