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El Sweato is without a doubt the best place to watch the Blues.

Even if they're a bunch of high maintenance prima donnas.

When I was instructing in A-4s we'd do dets out there. In the winter when the Blues are there, everything has to come to a stop on the entire Effing field when the pretty boys call for "Blue Angel Taxi" or a "Blue Angel Recovery." No aircraft can move anywhere for any reason. If you get caught in a Blue Angel moment and happen to be taxiing between the runway and and your flight line you have stop where ever you are and just wait. Sitting and sweating for 20 minutes while sucking down the exhaust of the aircraft turning in front of you gets old pretty fast.

For a little entertainment we started calling Ground for "Skyhawk taxi" and telling Tower we were inbound for a "Skyhawk Recovery."

Later on that day one of the Smurfs sashayed over in his blue form fit flight suit and indignantly informed us (in our Ready Room) that we weren't allowed to do that.

Not a tactically sound move on his part.

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