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They were nice people! Of course that was a long time ago. I got on the remote one fine summer day (CAVU...really!) and said to "her" (I forget her name) engine is coming unglued. I told her where I was, 1 SOB, and she said she'd send a Temsco guy right along if I told her where I'd be. I said maybe the water...but I made it to that alluivial (sp?) fan that comes out from the east side of the canal about 7 or so miles east, south east of Haines (forget the name of the place) but it had a 700 ft strip on it. Dead sticked on that and thought, what? What a nice day! Shoot, I have the whole day off. I was eating my lunch when Temsco showed up and hauled me back to work. I wasn't there more than 10 minutes and I was flying again in 30 minutes.
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