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Originally Posted by AteamNM View Post
For bonus points, what bike is Bernie riding off that waterfall?

Lane Levitt still rides and operates a stunt company. His wife Debbie Evans also still rides, she is very good and has a neat trick where she stands on her head - on a bike - with a dead engine.
Heck! that's easy! I owned one too.. that's an 83 SWM 350 "Jumbo". People told me it would beat me to death with all of that power and it did... until I watched my first taped National Trials event with Bernie and 2 other guys on SWM Jumbos.. I think it was a National USA Championship event in Colorado. The other guys were bouncing around too but Bernie just seemed to float through the sections so I watched closely to see what was different about his bike and discovered, it wasn't the bike!!! It was his stance and relaxed grip with keen knee adjustments to keep his feet where the foot pegs never got ahead of his boots.

I video taped myself after that and was horrified at how stiff I was clamped to the bike at the boots and hands... After some months of adjustments in my stance and concentration at keeping my boots away from the frame with a softer hand grip, my bike too seemed to float through the rough sections.

Oh yes, I ALSO have Lane Levitt and Len Weed's book.
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