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#1-Sometimes metal debris from a part meltdown will damage some bearings, really inspect them closely... Also how many miles on the engine? If it is up there and you plan to keep the
bike for a while, I would replace the bearings + seals through a bearing supply outfit.
#2-Clutch plates can be cleaned with soap and water, rinsed, dried and then dropped into a bath of oil until ready to install.. I usually use varsol to clean up the cases and parts...
#3- The valve cover will need something different than the cases, use something that handles heat like 3M -1211 or similar on the the valve cover..
#4 That is purely optional, but sometimes stainless to aluminum reacts badly causing electrolosis... I never use loctite on case screws but some people do... I do use loctite inside on such things as the shift support mechanisms and anything that holds a moving working part in place...
#5 If the miles are up it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a valve seat service done professionally... This would include a 3 angle regrind + new stem seals, this service is usually pretty cheap to have done and renews the valve performance to a like new condition...
#6 Is that a trick question?What do you know?
#7 Some Suzuki Guys can answer that..

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