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Earlier, after I'd entered the WMA and rode for a mile or so, I had passed an interesting old house, and on the way back out I stopped to get a closer look. There are plantations on both sides of Augusta Stagecoach Road, so I guess this was the "big house" for one of them back in the day, though it's certainly not as large as some plantation homes. Is that cedar shakes on the walls? I just love this house.

Take a look at the man in the chimney above the diamond pattern:

StolenFant said he heard a rumor to the effect that when slaves saw the man in the chimney design, they'd know this house was part of the Underground Railroad. That gave me goosebumps. I haven't found any confirmation of that rumor, but I did read where a black chimney cap had the same meaning, so who knows?

From the old house, I took a different route out of the WMA than when I entered, and ran across some other old buildings.

Almost back out to A-S Road:

Then I grabbed a (very) late lunch in Hampton, scooted home, turned around and went to Pooler in the car to the race. I had fun telling my husband about my day on the way down US Hwy 321 and showing him my pink lines that were still on the GPS as we passed by just east of where I was riding earlier. My husband is an even more ardent fan of history and old stuff than I am, so he's ready to go back with me after he gets his corn in the ground. I didn't even get to see all of Hamilton Ridge on this trip, so we'll go back and explore it some more, plus take in Webb and Palachucola WMAs as well.

Hope y'all enjoyed my little day trip!
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