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Thanks all!

The bike just has over 11K miles, so not too high. I do have a case splitter on order with ProCycle also. I figured with what I paid for the bike, I can afford to buy some appropriate tools and still be money ahead.

Once I get the cases open, I assume I won't find much more trouble but this is my first DR and first thumper that I have taken apart. It seems WAYYY too easy! :)

I'll get some more pics up once the tools get here from ProCycle. I'm not looking for a high performance bike...been there, got the t-shirt, I just want something uber reliable. If anything, I would modify the suspension and purchase hard cases before engine mods HOWEVER, I would like to know about things I'd be stupid to NOT this 3rd gear issue I've been reading about??

Is there anything that I wish I'd have done once I button up the cases and get the bike running again?

So far, I'm leaning towards just replacing what's needed and thoroughly checking the specs on everything else.

Thanks again!
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