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I've been rather withdrawn since I got word yesterday morning that one of my online friends and blog buddies had passed. Captain Carroll "Lex" Lefon had been the XO of the TOPGUN (as he said - one word, all CAPS) aggressor squadron, had commanded a squadron of his own, and been an exemplary husband, father, and friend. I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, but we corresponded via email and I always felt like a welcome friend. He also had a really great blog - Neptunus Lex.

We lost Lex on Tuesday morning when the F-21 Kfir he was flying as a civilian contractor crashed near the west gate of NAS Fallon. Lex's blog is still live and there is a memorial post from one of his guest bloggers who's still an active duty Hornet pilot. Be sure to check out the 1000+ comments on that one. The Secretary of the Navy even sent a personal note with his condolences. I highly recommend stopping by and reading through the archives. There is an awesome amount of humor and wit, but even more wisdom.

I'll be hoisting a Guinness (as he would say - for strength!) tomorrow evening in his memory

This pic came from a post called Camping Day One. Lex had to go up to Pt. Mugu for training in the Kfir when he first got his new job with ATAC. Needing to take the budget route, he pressed his R1150GS into service and camped out on the beach. Yes, I was more than just a little jealous when Lex took his GS on a road trip to go beach camping so he could fly fighter jets

Godspeed and blue skies, Lex. You will be sorely missed and I'll keep your family, friends, and colleagues in my prayers. Thanks again for everything
Article on Wired:

It's got links to the NTSB preliminary report, a Navy Times article, an airport diagram, and a picture of the crashed aircraft.

My condolences on your buddy.
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