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My apologies to all for not keeping up on this forum, but my dad has been staying with me for two weeks. He's 88 with early/mid stage dementia so is a constant-care situation.

Install Instructions:
Funny thing about that... when I started over 10 years ago the instructions were very minimal and had very few comments.... as I tried to 'improve' them the comments increased exponential to the detail provided. Catch 22

I think the math is pretty simple for the trim. The flat plane on the bottom of the brace is exactly were the stock brace was - so the amount trimmed off is the thickness of the end clamp from that point. The problem is that after 35 years these bikes have a LOT of variation in what's bolted on top and under that brace. Old or no grommets - custom ears - bent or squashed ears - ears off another bike... you name it.
It's pretty dang hard to provide detailed instructions for ALL possibilities. In the diagram you see where if you flip over - whatever you have - it takes the right amount off - which is why I don't give an EXACT amount. As for trimming them....folks have used everything from a Dremmel to a grinder to take them down. Many folks buy an extra set of ears to keep in case they want to sell the bike and keep the brace - or just return to stock. Some owner/installer mechanical thought process has to happen to mount on THEIR particular bike.

I'M HAPPY TO RECEIVE FEEDBACK ON HOW TO IMPROVE THEM! If there is some part you don't understand let me know - it's harder when someone just says they want 'better' instructions.

I installed an Enduralast on my GS-PD and agree the instructions are well done....but even then I had to read stuff several times - look at my bike - read again. The top brace is not near as complicated an installation.

Custom Top Brace:
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