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Originally Posted by rch10007 View Post
I recently bought a 2002 DR650SE with, what the PO called, a "noticeable ratcheting sound". Removing the clutch allowed me to see the issue. The output shaft bearing is toast. There were small pieces of it in the bottom of the cases. So far, I have not found any other signs of damage. The PO said he shut down the bike soon after hearing the noises, thankfully!

I have taken down the engine as far as I can without a rotor removal tool (which I ordered from ProCycle). I can't see if there are any issues with gears yet but I thought I'd come here and ask a few questions:

1. Since I am splitting the cases, should I just replace all the bearings and seals, or only what I need?
2. What do I use to clean the components with, like the clutch plates, to ensure I get rid of all the metallic soaked oil?
3. What the hell is Suzuki Bond and can I use Ultra Grey instead? Should I use something different for the cases than I do the valve cover?
4. Should I replace all the screws (like the ones holding the neutral safety switch) with stainless allen bolts? A few of them I will have to replace. Blue loctite?
5. How far should I take the rebuild since I have the entire motor apart? (i.e. lap the valves, upgrade gears, other mods?)
6. What should I know that I don't?
7. Where's the best place to buy parts?

I will post up some pics in a few and will continue to take them along the way for anyone interested in killing time looking at them! :)
Are you referring to the bearing on the shaft that the clutch is on? If so, I had the same exact thing happen on my 2009 at 26k, but I caught it before the bearing blew up. I strongly suspect that the bearing is a chinese knock off. Mine had HIC stamped on it and the only HIC I could find that made bearings indicated on their website that they had sold off their bearing business a long time ago. After that, all I could find were Chinese distributors.

I'm sure others have already said this, but take everything apart and clean it all out. You'll find metal shavings everywhere. Replace all of the bearings in the cases.

Better source for bearings You'll find what you need at much less than you'll pay for oem. If you want, you can usually match the OEM manufacturers or go for better bearings. I went for SKFs.
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