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Originally Posted by omnivore View Post
The only COnti that shoudl be on that list is the Road Attack. The Motion and Force you mention pale in comparison.

I have run Pilot Road2's, COnti Road Attacks, and 023's...I like the 023's the best in the rain, on the freeway, in the cooler weather, and for it's wear resistance, and for it's stability when towing my single wheeled trailer.
I like the Road Attack best for the twisties and appearance (face it-it's the best looking tire available), but it wasn't confidence inspiring on crappy asphalt or wet roads.

PR2 was great in rain, and wore well, but cupped and scalloped badly causing weird vibrations, even before 5000 miles.

Been searching for info on PR2s vs PR3s. So far I can only tell that the PR3s extra sipes give extra grip in the rain. I never lose grip on the PR2s and I ride regularly in wet and dry. I also would not drive faster in the wet just because my tyres are said to have a bit more grip so I would need another reason to spend the extra cash on PR3s.

As for 023s, for some reason my rear tyre developed a couple of splits going across the center of it. Could not work out what the hell caused them. However I recently came back from a road trip at the time which involved high speeds for long periods of time. I put the problem down to durability and went back to PR2s. Never had them split. Maybe I just had bad luck with that particular pair of 023s, but I think I will stay with what works for me.
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