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I've had an inmate buddy and also a local Yamaha mechanic, both warn me about the importance of checking the valves frequently. The mechanic said every 20 hours, and the buddy said each oil change. The mechanic said it takes him about 45 minutes, so I'd figure it will probably take me an hour after I've done it a couple of times. He also said it takes a lot longer if you have to change shims because the cams have to come out. He also show me a crunched piston that resulted from not keeping check of them. Aluminum pistons don't have a chance against a titanium valve.

My bike just passed inspection this afternoon. The Yamaha shop couldn't pass me because the tires aren't DOT legal, but I tried another inspector (not at a bike shop) and he didn't notice the tires. They both noticed my front brake doesn't accuate the brakelight, but they each let it slide. Funny thing is "I" won't let it slide, IMO it's more important than the rear one because I always use the front brake earlier on pavement.

Tomorrow I'll pick up my plate.

What experiences have you guys had dealing with the valves?
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