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I was about 3 seconds from buying one over another DRZ when mine was stollen. Ended up with another DRZ just for the reliablity and the pain it the a$$ it is to title one in VA. That being said, I did some homework on them.

Cut or disconnect the grey wire. This will remap to mimic the YZ
Cut or buy a new throttle screw to open it up. It comes restricted from the factory to meet CA requirements
Overhaul on exaust as it's pretty restricted too.

Not sure if they come with a 13T or 14T front, but if 13T you may want to look into getting a 14T. It will take some of the pressure off the engine when running on the street. Not ideal for the trails, but its a litte give and take. Will require oil change more often for sure if your running street. Those bikes don't like to run high for too long either.

It's something like 50-60 pounds lighter than the DRZ and has more power, so your gonna love throwing it around on the trails!

This is only what I learned in my search for one, so not sure how much merrit my opinion has here. I've never actually owned one....just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
I know there's a few folks who have gotten their WR450F's plated and use them as dual sports and supermotos.

I just bought an 08' that's plated and am hoping that it works for my dual sport'in needs here in the NC mtns. I've read some say that they aren't good as dual sports and others say that they are great. Getting the WR was my answer to upgrading my DRZ400S. I didn't see any reason to buy & install a new carb, big bore, etc. and still have a bike that was relatively heavy. Maybe I lost some durability, hopefully not too much?

I'd like to hear from folks who ride them or have had them. Tell me the good, the bad, ect. Any tips for making them "better" and / or last longer?
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