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Paul, I have a Tmax and I have been riding motorcycles since 1972. I am very happy with my Tmax, which I bought after a bad back injury and a recurring hand injury forced me to sell my motorcycles. The Tmax feels very sporty, it is a lot of fun in the twisties - it handles as a good sporting motorcycle should, it is comfortable and well made. I am averaging 56 mpg which is pretty good. If I were going to tour, however, my first choice would be a Burgman 650, which I have also ridden. The Burgman feels larger and more appliance-like, but still fun to ride. The Burgman is a bit quicker but the Tmax handles better. The Burgman has more mass, more displacement, better wind protection and more under seat storage. All good features for touring. Obviously, one can tour on a Tmax (and I may just do that with mine). Known Tmax issues - mirror outer stalks crack (and Yamaha replaces under warranty) and fuel pump hiccups (ditto).
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