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I gotta dig into the books i have in storage.
I'm sure that there is a 25yo copy Guzziology. A must have book. Google it.
If it's there, it is yours. Expect a PM in three days. (like the old tractor link)

The big issue with the generator engines is guys run'em with the mount loose and it beats the hell out of the gen's saddle mount.

Some of the early ones had no oil filter inside the sump. The crank pin has a large hole drilled in it and it's capped off with a plug.
The hollow crank pin acts to centerfuge the oil going to the rod bearing. With the sump off, the plug can be removed and the trapped stuff removed.
A lotta gray stuff... ash in the oil, it is an additive.
All Guzzis have a hollow crank pin AFAIK.

Up until mid-2002 all Guzzi crank pins/rod journals were carbon nitrited. Expensive process but made them harder than the hubs of hell.
Guzzis can loose rod bearing and the crank pin is none the worse for it. It can be cleaned off with wet or dry emery paper and not even touch the journal face.
From late 2002 the rod journals are induction hardened. OK but cheaper.

Guzzi main bearings last forever.

Check the rear wheel's cush drive... if it has one. Some of the earlies did not.
They can rust up solid to the rear hub and it causes the clutch splines grief.
A propane torch to the outside will do'er. Clean & Never Seize.

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