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Originally Posted by Sumi View Post
The 640 is a great bike.. Probably a better bike than the 950 in my opinion. But the 950 is my true love, and the two bikes are so similar.. It's like having two of the same bikes.. So one of them have to go/change. So either I'm trading the 640 for a Duke, or an SM, or an EXC, or if nobody buys it, I'll just keep it. As there is no way I'm ever going to sell the 950.. I know.. first world problems, but I'm still sad about the 640, as it gave me very nice memories, and interestingly it had lot less trouble than the 950 had ($$ fixing, that is)
Another option - keep it and put 17" wheels on it, maybe change the tank and headlight/insturments out for the LC4 version, and then you pretty much have a Duke, but can go back to the 640 Adventure if you ever want to.
Incidentally, I also have a 640 and 950 Adventure - I find them different enough to keep both (for example, a passenger for a long ride on the 640 is not so good, but on the 950 it's quite comfortable), and the 640 has 150+ mile more range on a tank of gas than the 950.
Long ago I learned that I would sooner or later regret selling any bike that I really liked, so I just started keeping them. It's much easier to find storage space than to find a good condition used bike that you used to own and want again. But of course, everyone is different.
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