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Originally Posted by Earthscape View Post
Another option - keep it and put 17" wheels on it, maybe change the tank and headlight/insturments out for the LC4 version, and then you pretty much have a Duke, but can go back to the 640 Adventure if you ever want to.
Incidentally, I also have a 640 and 950 Adventure - I find them different enough to keep both (for example, a passenger for a long ride on the 640 is not so good, but on the 950 it's quite comfortable), and the 640 has 150+ mile more range on a tank of gas than the 950.
Long ago I learned that I would sooner or later regret selling any bike that I really liked, so I just started keeping them. It's much easier to find storage space than to find a good condition used bike that you used to own and want again. But of course, everyone is different.
Earthscape... +1 for the Duke reversible conversion! that's a good idea for Sumi...
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