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Originally Posted by arcticIndian View Post
haha.. I was there a couple of years ago.. rebuilt our K-750 engine. There's only one easy way to get the crank out.. Luckily I got some good input from a friend who has rebuilt several of those engines. The lower conrod bearings was shot on our engine, so I replaced the unit with a chinese made one. Didn't have to machine the crank we used. depending on the model/producer, one may need to machine a flange on the driveside of the crank. The centrifuges are a real pain to clean btw, the debris is almost solid. I put in new centrifuges/ slingers in our engine. Had to pull off the gearbox this weekend, I knew something was going on the clutch. Luckily I did this before too much damage was done, the clutch plate retainer screws had started unscrewing themselves. Have used a stronger loctite now, and have punched the screw heads even harder to lock them to the plate..

Putting the clutch back together was a pain.. but I found a (probably factory approved :) ) way to fix it using some 2*4"s and a clamp..
I like that setup.. more pics of your rebuild would be great, if you have them!
Yeah, that crud in the slingers is worse than bong resin (from what I hear from the youngsters). Actually, with all the work getting the crank out, the slingers were pretty clean. I don't think this motor had a lot of hours on it. Too bad it sat in the weather for so long- that's what killed it. The rear bearing was pretty notchy, though.

Any tips for sliding the transmission shaft into the clutch while the motor is in the frame? It's hard enough on the bench.....
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