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Originally Posted by MZRider View Post
The first edition of Guzziology was published in 1993, not quite 25 years.

The usual reason the generator bracket gets loose in the first place is the belt is run too tight, the stress causes the bolts to fracture and/or the bracket itself to break and then the generator flops around. A new beefier bracket with an extra "leg" welded on extending back to the distributor mounting bolt and studs with hardened washers and nylock nuts does wonders to cure this issue.

The first Guzzi "big twin" with a disposable spin-on type filter inside the sump was the late 850T. V700s, Ambos and Eldos did not.

The sludge trap plug can not be removed with the crank in the engine - it has to be removed before the plug is accessible.

Guzzi main bearings "last forever" unless the owner uses automotive oil change intervals or allows the chrome cylinder bores to flake and embed into the bearings.

Eldos such as danedg's don't have a cush drive, the 850T was the first there also. My '69 Ambo has 100k miles on the original clutch, u-joint, driveshaft, coupler and rear drive (splines are worn very little). Riding like you have some brains and keeping the splines lubed helps...
TY for the corrections. Really.
I only did serious work on one loop-frame as noted.

I know because of poor venting or seal issues, gear oil can get transferred from trans to rear end.
John Swartz THE Guzzi guy here is SoCal years ago recommended that i add a couple of ozs. of gear oil into the swingarm at the rubber boot.
The heating & cooling cycle draws oil into the u-joint plus the splines like it.

Crankpin trap? Yeah, i cleaned two cranks out but they were out of the case. Thought one could get to it in case but i'm wrong. Its been a long time ago.

Lack of cushdrive? I guess the 36# flywheel really saves everything down stream from hard engine pulses.

dan, i'll be digging that book out today. It is an early edition. At one time Richardson would give a refund on a newer edition if the old copy was returned.
I have no idea if he really did any serious up-dates for the early bikes.

PM me your mailing address. Even though they are heavy, books mail cheap.
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